Ahhhh. Davie-boy. gays eating cum, Ohhhh." Jim groaned, and I sucked in a little more, my free hand to move his big balls to do. June 28th, 2012


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Gays eating cum: Wow. I really just sucked it! My mouth stuffed with that lovely man meat. And tasted his man cumms too.

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Swallowed it even. How cool is that! I leaned over, and my face close to him, and it smells. Awesome.

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uncut big dicks  image of uncut big dicks Can smell still cumms. I giggled. And feel my mouth water. I reached out my hand and turned to Jim’s cock, just gently push and move my hand around.

In a minute, it sorta moved my hand and started growing. Oh cool, hot sexy men pictures  image of hot sexy men pictures . Whoa. He’s all hard in his sleep, even!

I rub up and down and watch it grow, gay males jerking off  image of gay males jerking off and turn all hard in my hand until it was again full size.

Oh man. Sweet. Awesome. And without even thinking, I leaned over and licked it at the end. " Hmm. Uh.

Oh. Davie." Jim complained, wake me lick his big cock like a cone to find! I love it, and looked up at him and giggled, and he smiles, then lies back.

I stroked his cock again, then my mouth wide open. And a few inches slipped inside and sucking it gently. "

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